Fiona Macaulay

Powerhouse Women

Fiona Macaulay learned about the challenges women face in the professional world when she launched her own international development company at the age of 26. It was trial by fire—she was often the only woman in meetings and typically the youngest, sometimes by twenty years. She navigated ups and downs and was able to achieve her vision of increasing economic opportunities for others. She helped over ten million people in some 60 countries—especially disadvantaged youth and women—gain access to education, finance and business mentorship before selling what had become a multimillion-dollar company, and thriving social enterprise, in 2016. Now with her founding of Powerhouse Women, Fiona has committed herself to supporting other female leaders and change-makers navigate interpersonal power dynamics with increased agility, communicate effectively and negotiate with confidence  as they pursue their own unique visions. Fiona also serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where she works with undergraduates, MBA students and others launching start-ups and growing their businesses.