Elizabeth "E" Skepnek

Senior Associate, Strategy

Elizabeth “E” Skepnek is a Senior Associate in KPMG’s Strategy practice, based in Tysons Corner. E is an M’16 graduate from Georgetown and started working with KPMG in August 2016. She has worked on multiple deals with a current focus in Due Diligence. In the last year, she has been involved with the WLN (Women’s Leadership Network), the HLN (Hispanic Leadership Network), and recruitment efforts for incoming Senior Associates and Interns to the Strategy practice. 

Previous to MSB, E worked as a consultant helping clients manage corporate strategy, business development, marketing, data analytics, and operational efficiency projects. E’s experience is primarily based in the UK, with projects in the Netherlands, South Africa, India, Argentina and Ethiopia, focused on non-profit and healthcare clients. E also holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona.